3 Way Links Network Review by Jonathan Leger

A few years back I tested the 3 way links network by Jonathan Leger and had some mixed results with some websites reaching page one at Google and others struggling to move up the rankings.

I plan to test this on about 30 domains over a 3 month period at least with a variety of domain extensions and aged and new domains. Of course results will be posted here regarding rankings ( I cant’ reveal the sites due to a non disclosure agreement ).

2012 Review  Update : I tested only 10 domains, ranking results at bottom of page.

This method is probably the easiest way to get backlinks as once you have your domains set up in the system you can just sit back and relax as your links will build up over time. As Jon suggests himself this method is aimed at ranking low to medium competitive keywords so you shouldnt expect to rank for keywords such as ” Web hosting ” etc…

However the last time I used the network I was surprised when some pretty tough keywords increased in rankings .

The ideal method is to use this service along with other good link building services but for this review I will simply use links from 3 Way Links so the results are not skewed.

With 3 Way Links you can add up to 50 Domains in their linking system and you simply select 3 anchor text keywords for your backlinks.

This method of getting backlinks is good for beginners but also good for internet marketers who have a lot of websites and struggle to give them all backlinks !

With this service your site can get up to 8 links per day per domain until complete which I think is normally about 475 links per domain in total.

How does it work ? To quote from the site,

In a 3-way link setup, site A links to site B, site B links to site C, and site C links to site A . This is where the power of this system lies. ”

How much does 3 Way Links Cost ?

First month Discount and Trial is $7 then $47 per month.

Well it’s pretty affordable but you need to have at least a few domains to be honest as you can add up to 50 domains on the network. If you simply add 50 domains and they make a dollar each per month on auto pilot then you are in profit !

It’s very easy to add your domain to the system

Once you click on Create Domain you simply complete some details

Then you complete your anchor text and site description details.

As you can see your primary keyword will receive about 60% of your live links so you should have a minimum of about 150 backlinks for this keyword once your link cycle is complete.

This is often enough to increase your rankings for low to intermediate keywords with medium competition.

You then have your secondary and third link keywords which will receive less links of course. You can also edit your keywords over time which is useful .

You simply need to create a links page using the code provided by 3 Way Links and upload this to your site, it will then be approved and your site is live !

Once your site is live you can monitor the backlinks coming in from the network

A list of live links will appear in this section after a few days normally and will grow over time.

What are the advantages of 3 Way Links Network ?

It’s easy hands free backlinks once your domains are in the system and you get links from a variety of domains and class c hosting. Very simple to test how competitive certain keywords are as once you see them ranking well you can build on this with other mirror sites etc….

The support is excellent with a busy forum of users sharing knowledge and the owner regularly contributing to any discusions.

Any potential disadvantages of 3 Way Links ?

Links all go to homepage of your domains, introducing inner links would be good improvement. Some would argue that giving out links to other sites may harm your own rankings ( My previous tests did not support this theory, I still have one site doing very well after 3 years).

The domain approval is also pretty strict with any sites related to religion, gambling etc not allowed. This is understandable but can be frustrating if you want to promote christmas toys website !

Here are my ranking results, you will notice that new websites seemed to do very well while others that had already been hit by the Penguin update failed to move up the rankings much.

Under each keyword the first number indicates keyword ranking to start with and then current ranking and number of live links each site gained.

Most of the anchor text were spread over 3 keywords but probably now you need to also get some more natural links ie Click here, check this website etc….

nr = not ranked in top 50 at Google

For example, Domain 1 results were as follows

Keyword 1 = not ranked to position 7

Keyword 2 = Ranked No.16 up to Position 7

Keyword 3 = Not Ranked to Position 28


results as of 4th june Keyword 1 Keyword 2 Keyword 3 Live Links
Domain 1 = .org, less than 1 year old Nr – 7 16 – 7 nr- 28 401
Domain 2 = .org less than 1 year old nr- 5 nr- 4 nr- nr 407
Domain 3= .com 2 years plus 30- 25 30_5 30- 33 411
Domain 4 = .org less than 1 year old nr- 5 nr- 12 nr- 22 409
Domain 5 = .co.uk less than 2 years old 15-nr 7-nr 12-nr 410
Domain 6 = .co.uk 2 years old 4-nr 4-nr 15-nr 408
Domain 7= .co.uk 2 years old 2—5 2—3 nr- nr 240
Domain 8- .co.uk 2 years plus 16-nr 24-nr 19-nr 341
Domain 9- .co.uk 1 year old Nr-nr nr- nr nr- nr 347
Domain 10- .co.uk less than 2 years old Nr-nr Nr-nr Nr-nr 240

So in conclusion……..

Does 3 Way Links Work ?

Yes and No ! If your site has been penalised by recent Google updates like some of the sites I used then these links didn’t have any effect in bringing back the rankings.

However the new websites I tested did seem to perform well. You need to vary the anchor text and to make it easily affordable I would recommend testing at least 10 domains in the 3 way links network as you can have up to 50 Domains live.

If you want to give 3 Way Links a try just click here




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